Customers frequently look for ways to have the best event ever while sticking to a budget. Shake It Up Bartending offers affordable Alcohol Packages as well. 

Call Liquor Package
Skyy Vodka

Bacardi Rum
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Jim Beam Whiskey
Seagram’s Gin

Beer: (choice of 2)
*Same options as Beer/Wine Package
-CK Mondavi Chard
-CK Mondavi Cab

Beer/Wine Package

Beer: (choice of 2)
Bud Light
Miller Lite
Coors Light

Dos Equis

Kilt Lifter

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Liberty Creek Chardonnay
Liberty Creek Cabernet 

*Alcohol packages will include the Standard Mixer Package, portable bar, and ice service.

Either way, we will help you to explore your bar service options and create the ideal situation for your event. We are eager to help you create a fun and extensive bar experience for your event at a reasonable price. Feel free to call us any time to discuss the best option for your event.

       Shake It Up Bartenders are Title 4 Certified and carry Arizona Food Handlers Cards. They are required by Arizona Law to check I.D.’s and serve persons above the age of 21 only. No one is allowed to serve, or self-serve any type of alcohol. All alcohol must be served by our bartender. Our packages are not unlimited, however we will bring enough product for everyone to enjoy.